How to Clean Gas Stove Top

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Cleaning Tips and Tricks to Maintain the Glass Top Gas Stoves

Glass top gas stoves are much admired kitchen appliance that gives stylish look to the kitchen. In recent times, because of its elegant look and automatic auto ignition it has been a part of many kitchens. As cooking is an everyday task so is cleaning. It is impossible to cook without spilling food and staining stove. It must seem annoying to clean but nevertheless every kitchen stoves requires daily cleaning. Don’t need to worry or get frustrated, it’s easy and simple to make your gas burners shine each day. The best practice is to wipe it after every use.

If you are switching to glass cooktops from kitchen gas stoves ones and worried to clean. Here are some tips & tricks that can help you to give showroom shine to your glass top gas stoves and stop you from worrying.

Best Tips to Clean the Glass Top Gas Stoves

  • To start with, let your stove completely cool down by turning off the burners. Otherwise the gas burners might hurt you.
  • The first step after letting it cool, it to remove gas burners and soak them in warm water with dish soap.
  • Use damp cloth to clean the glass top.
  • You can use vinegar to clean the glass top by spraying on it and wiping it with damp cloth. Other surface cleaners can also be used but vinegar would be an inexpensive material to use.
  • After wiping with vinegar, you can use baking soda which acts like a mild scrub. It won’t harm the surface of your cooktop and would give a glossy shine.
  • To clean burners after they have been soaked in warm water, you can use brush to clean the dirt properly.
  • With sponge and dish soap clean all the parts of stainless steel gas stove rigorously. If the burners are giving you problem to clean, soak them in warm water for some more time and then rub them.
  • Dry them after they have been cleaned and put them back on the stove.

The above task might seem tedious but is simple and will not take much time.  Vinegar and baking soda being inexpensive handy items are super choice to clean kitchen gas stove. The best way to keep your appliance clean is to wipe after every use. With regular wiping, you can save the stove to become mess and secondly everyday full cleaning can be avoided.Don’t worry about tough stains, if they get dry up put some water or vinegar over it before wiping. With the above tricks food stains should not bother you. We hope to see your glass top stove shining making your kitchen look clean and tidy!

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