How To Keep Your Gas Stove At Its Best

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Gas Stove maintenance
Gas stove maintenance

It will not to be wrong to say that your Gas Stoves is like a crown of your kitchen. Gas stoves are the flag bearers of your kitchen. A glittering one gives an inkling that you value cleanliness and work hard on it. You don’t need to spend ages on maintaining your gas stove though. Doing it the right way can save you lot of precious time and hassle. Let’s take a step by step approach on maintaining gas stoves. You will also get to know about some of the best ones available on the markets today. So be sure to read all the points below.

The first step is to set your gas stove up for cleaning which means turning the burners off and letting them cool completely before you start your endeavor. Never be in a hurry to get started when burners are still hot.

Once the burners cool off completely, you are all set to unleash your engineering prowess! No, you don’t need a degree to accomplish this. Just lift the burner grates and caps away, put them aside for a while, ideally in a basin or even bucket half full ofhot water. You may add dish soap to the water.

Cleaning the Stovetop

Now you are at the business end i.e the stovetop. Slowly start brushing the loose remnants with a cleaning brush or paper towel. Once done with the initial cleaning, you will need to degrease the surface. How do you do that? Simple, just use easily available vinegar and add a pinch or two of baking soda. Once you degrease the surface, pour few drops of soapy water or surface cleaner and wipe the surface with a clean piece of cloth or paper towel. All the grime will be gone in a jiffy!

The Burners

We move on to the next part – the burners. The three burner gas stoves and four burner gas stoves make the traditional two burner ones look like archaic. Well, almost. Most modern gas stoves are auto ignition gas stoves. These are very handy for contemporary kitchen and a must-have at that, never mind the time you need to spend on cleaning all four burners. How do you clean these burners? Let’s get started.

Start by removing the burner gates, caps and rings. Rinse all the components in a bucket or bowl of soapy water. You may add any quality dishwashing solution or liquid if you like. Leave for few minutes. In the meantime, you may utilize sprays like cifto clean the rest of the stove surface.  Now you are ready to scrub burner parts and rinse them. This needs to be done slowly and thoroughly so that there are no soapy remains. Also, you need to make sure that the holes in a burner are not clogged with grease, spills, oils or food particles as it will result in a weak flame. You may clean the portholes with a straight pin but do not try to dig too much, just caressing gently will do the trick. Often, dish soap and hot water will be sufficient to unclog the portholes in a burner.

Drying the burners – so, we are done with the hard part. Now the easier one, relatively speaking. You may let different burner parts air dry or if you are in a hurry you may opt for clean cloth or paper towel and wipe the parts.

Now that you are done with cleaning, you would like to put the burner parts back to their places, just take your sweet time and put one component at a time and presto!  You have a sparkling gas stove ready for use again.

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